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The Elsat courses are time bound and participants are divided into cohorts.

The first course in the series is 21st Century Soft Skills. It is a course with 9 units with the aim of equipping participants with appropriate life skills for a highly productive life in the workplace.

Personal development

Personal development that ensures improved personal management including social assets for resilience, self-efficacy, flexibility and adaptability, good grooming, willingness to learn and Financial Management.

Social skills

Promote interpersonal skills in the effective ways of living and working with others with enhanced communication skills both oral and written to enable one negotiate and solve conflicts effectively


Creativity and innovativeness demonstrating problem solving skills, emotional intelligence, leadership skills, critical thinking and decision making skills as well as sound moral values

World of work

Promote appropriate work ethics, team work, professionalism, personal leadership skills while ensuring the development of empowered, engaged and ethical citizens.

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Els Apprentice training Hub(Elsat Hub) is an offshoot of Elearning Solutions (ELS) Limited.

The Hub offers self-paced and interactive courses on smart knacks for life; a must have in the world of work. It targets interns, those in the last year of college studies, graduate trainees, new employees, people already in the workplaces and those interested in upskilling. The courses are interactive in nature with group discussions, assignments and projects to be carried out by the participants. On successful completion of the course, a certificate will be generated.

Self-paced interactive courses designed with you in mind

21st Century Soft Skills

Kshs 9500
Soft skills are the personal attributes that enable one to understand themselves and to live harmoniously with others. These skills are universal, not specific to any job and may not adequately be taught in formal education yet they are very critical for the workplace and life in general.
Duration: 9 - 12 weeks

The course has 9 units that cover the following areas;
- Introduction
- Personal Management Skills
- Interpersonal Relationships
- Making Effective Decisions
- Managing My Health
- Leadership, Citizenship
- World of Work
- Financial Management.

Financial literacy

Kshs 2000
This unit provides you with an understanding of key terms used in financial literacy. The unit also provides you with strategies to develop a personal financial plan.
Duration: 3 weeks

At the end of this unit, will have the ability to:
- Demonstrate an understanding of financial management.
- Analyze  the key components of personal financial planning.
- Demonstrate an understanding of personal budgeting.
- Create and maintain a personal financial plan.
- Develop strategies for  improvement of your personal financial management.
- Understand important terms used in financial literacy.


Kshs 2000
This unit is intended to equip and empower you with knowledge, skills and appropriate values on becoming a great and effective citizen, understanding how democracy works, or what is required  to face the challenges, on a personal, community and global level.
Duration: 3 weeks

At the end of this unit, will have the ability to:
- Demonstrate ways of becoming a great and effective citizen
- Identify the symbols of national unity
- Demonstrate basic understanding of the National constitution
- Execute you rights and responsibilities by applying the appropriate government structures
- Give back to your community through voluntary services


Kshs 2000
Leadership means the ability of an individual to take control and offer guidance to a group.
Duration: 3 weeks

At the end of this unit, will have the ability to:
- Demonstrate an understanding of who a leader is
- Analyze, critique and modify your leadership qualities
- Demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities of an effective leader
- Create and maintain an efficient, effective, and motivated team
- Demonstrate understanding of the 21st century skills on team performance

Making effective decisions

Kshs 2000
In this unit, we shall discuss the decision making model and reflect on how one can apply it to arrive at important decisions concerning different aspects of one’s life.
Duration: 3 weeks

At the end of this unit, will have the ability to:
- Demonstrate understanding of some models of effective Decision making
- Analyze factors for making effective decisions for personal success
- Apply the 3Cs and the 7 steps models in making effective Decisions
- Reflect on issues to consider when making a decision

Managing my health

Kshs 2000
This section seeks to provide an understanding of personal health.   The World Health Organization (WHO) describes health as “ the state of physical, mental and social wellbeing not merely the absence of disease”  Personal health is a very critical aspect of one’s life as it affects every part of one’s life.
Duration: 3 weeks

At the end of this unit, will have the ability to:
- Demonstrate an understanding of the dimensions of health ( Physical, social, financial, emotional, spiritual)
- Prevent and manage diseases (communicable & non-communicable)
- Carry out a personal assessment of your Wellness wheel
- Identify different strategies for personal self-care
- Develop appropriate strategies and apply them in practicing responsible sexual behavior
- Discuss issues related to Gender based violence
- Prevent & manage drug abuse & other addictions at your level.

Interpersonal relationships

Kshs 2000
This unit seeks to explore key interpersonal relationship skills, benefits of healthy relationships, building good relationships and  keeping appropriate boundaries in interpersonal relationships.
Duration: 3 weeks

At the end of this unit, will have the ability to:
- Identify  the key interpersonal relationship skills required for effective interactions and connections with others
- Demonstrate an understanding of the benefits of good interpersonal skills
- Recognize key people that you interact with and how best to enhance these interactions
- Demonstrate appreciation on the importance of communication, negotiation, assertiveness and peaceful conflict resolution in interpersonal relationships
- Enhance your interpersonal relationship skills through effective communication.

World of work

Kshs 2000
This unit seeks to help you understand how best to conduct yourself in the workplace whether as an employee or business owner.  It also provides you with strategies to use when applying for a job, preparing for an interview as well as on how to make the most of one’s job or business.  You will also acquire strategies on developing business and marketing plans for your business.
Duration: 3 weeks

At the end of this unit, will have the ability to:
- Exercise personal discipline in the workplace
- Prepare a good CV and cover letter for job applications
- Prepare for adequately job interviews
- Discuss the importance of and apply professionalism and work ethics
- Strategize maximizing the workplace
- Mentor or be willing to be mentored appropriately

Personal Management Skills

Kshs 2000
This unit explores activities that enhance development of your personal management skills.  Personal Management entails understanding yourself from the different dimensions of self namely: physical, intellectual, emotional, social & spiritual as well as your personality, strengths and weaknesses.  You will seek to develop a personal development plan while looking at your self-management and organization, flexibility and adaptability as well as willingness to learn.
Duration: 3 weeks

After going through this unit, you will have the ability to;
- Demonstrate awareness of who you are
- Demonstrate an understanding of your strengths and areas of growth for success in life
- Develop your personal development plan (PDP)
- Identify things that stress you in life and manage them
- Manage  feelings appropriately
- Apply appropriate values in your  day to day life

Introduction to soft skills

This unit introduces you to the prospects of our soft skills main course.
Duration: 3 weeks
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Introduction, Personal Management Skills, Interpersonal Relationships, Making Effective Decisions, Managing My Health, Leadership, Citizenship, World of Work, and Financial Management.

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